Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Apparently it's compulsion

Knitting is a deceptively stressful hobby. At first, the act of knitting--rhythmic wrapping of yarn, repetition of motion, and complete occupation of generally twitchy hands--is relaxing. It lulls a person into believing that all projects are soothing--but when one delves farther into the world of skeins and dpns, this tranquil facade slips away.

There are patterns that require constant tinking back, perhaps willfully encouraging a knitter to lose her mind.
Yarns that are on an unholy quest to blind and debilitate all who are drawn by their siren call.
Needles that gleam and promise faster knitting, only to drop hundreds of stitches from their shiny, high-polished, heartless tips.

Yet these insidious fiends are not the worst plague awaiting in a knitter's stash.
Deadlines far outstrip their brethren in malice, for only deadlines can turn a normal, relaxing project into a shudder inducing, panic inspiring jumble of knots and sticks.

Deadlines have many attacks:
Last minute pattern Snafu's
Overestimation of knitting ability
The dreaded three yards short syndrome
and of course,

After succeeding with the last minute Trilobite hats, one would think that I--being a moderately sensible Twitch with a healthy respect for the maintenance of my mental faculties--would have avoided all knitting deadlines until the Christmas knitting season really flares up (so.....August?).

However, I'm apparently a glutton for stress.

I don't know if I've posted about the Wonky Scarf--I might have been waiting for pictures. It is a simple garter stitch striped cotton scarf worked out of mysterious yarn that Daniel's parents brought back from Italy for me a few years ago. Luckily enough, I happened to have a few skeins in Gryffindor colors, so I decided to go the way of loving girlfriends and force my boyfriend to dress up for the Harry Potter premiere.

This decision, of course, was made without knowledge of my impending adventure--in the flurry of preparing for said adventure, the half-finished Wonky scarf was swept aside.

Yesterday, the magnitude of my mistake hit me: with less than 36 hours to go, I had to knit a whole half a scarf--the first half of which took me a week.
Momentarily, I considered accepting defeat--especially considering that my knitted accessory for the evening--my beautiful Ravenclaw beret--was MIA, and jealousy of the Wonky scarf would run high at the premiere.

You can probably guess what happened next.

I dashed out to Michaels, bought two skeins of Vanna's Glamour (Sapphire and Platinum), and a hook, and I started crocheting in the car.

Finishing my Sparkly Luna Lovegood Hat and the Wonky scarf before this evening? Why not. I'm sure I'll find a time turner or something.