Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hectic Season

Happy Hallow-----wait. Whoops.

It's the time of year when time seems to race by me. I know, I know; the way I post in this blog you are probably shaking your head at the lack of discernible difference. Time tends to elude me in general, but there is something about the corridor between Halloween and New Year's that makes me (and many others, I suspect) feel like I'm constantly in the middle of some important project. Luckily, the panicky feeling this used to ignite in me subsided after I graduated from college.

November is easily the busiest month in my year--between Christmas gifts that need to be finished and Nanowrimo, there is always something waiting for my attention. Now, though, I get to revel in the joy of pursuing things I want to do without the stress of knowing that I'm procrastinating when it comes to the things I have to do.

I'm not sure what effect November will have on this blog. Like Charlie Brown, I pretend that I work best under pressure, so there's a chance that having so much on the go will increase my productivity. There's also a chance that my lingering proclivity towards procrastination will result in a flurry of posts. Then again, by week three of Nano, when the pace starts causing me to huddle in the corner and mumble about plot holes, I may end up abandoning the blog at least until December, when (of course) I will bring you the news of my triumph. (Please color the tone of that sentence with maximum skepticism.)

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