Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Behavior is encouraged

Despite manifold temptations from my favorite online yarn store (see the links to the right), I've been a good girl and I've stuck to my yarn diet. I've watched as skein after skein of my favorite yarns have arrived in new colors, and my favorite colors have waltzed in on new yarns. Each time I feel my addiction leap forward, I try to remind myself of next years tuition. I may have money for the minute, but in a few months I really and truly need to be an adult--a transition that will be so much easier if I stop acting like a spoiled brat and start the maturation process now.

It might also help that I'm having recurring nightmares about trying to pack up all of my stuff and move out of my dorm.

The universe has smiled on my attempts to be a realistic and sensible person--a fact that hit home today.

So far I've had very nice evaluations (my college doesn't rely on a grade system--but trust me, written evaluations might make you miss a good old anonymous GPA), but today I received a doozy. It's always satisfying to do well in a difficult course--especially when the teacher is at times scant with her praise. I believe that this good (okay, great) evaluation is cosmically connected to my trying to reign in my wild yarn accumulating ways.

But even better than getting a good evaluation:

While I was cleaning my death corner (a corner of my room that is notoriously avoided during other cleaning sprees because it is more or less a black hole of doom devouring all the odds and ends that I'm never sure what to do with) I discovered yarn that I don't remember purchasing.

Really pretty yarn. Enough to make a sweater with.
Who needs to buy yarn, when you can discover it for free?

For once I'm glad that there's more room to clean...who knows how many potential sweaters may be hidden in there?

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