Friday, June 5, 2009

YAY! Someone's reading this!

(hug) to Jamie!

I'm still working on pictures; hopefully they will be up by the end of the weekend!

In other news, I took yesterday off from the KAL in order to cast on with some of the acrylic yarn I found in my stash. I'm making the Cinched Waist Top by Vladimir Teriokhin from Vogue Spring/Summer 2006. I think I found enough Simply Soft Brite in Rose Violet to make the top--and maybe even add some extra frill, or longer sleeves. I decided it would be easier to give into temptation and knit a few inches of the corset waist--then get back to the DIC Shrug.

Don't tell Surfie.


  1. had almost a full week to be the first follower but noooooo.

    I love you.